For most of many, many years now, we’ve had a family of four at home, and got into the rhythm of cooking for four. Then, for about a year, we didn’t have Kid #1 at home (college!), and adjusted our cooking slightly for the family of three. But Kid #2 is/was a growing teenager, and kind of filled in the gap anyway. But now Kid #2 will be going off to college (!), and we’ll be down to three again.

Additionally, Rory and I have recently had the experience of being sans kids for a couple of weeks, and learning how to shop and cook for two people has been a challenge. We over-buy, struggling against deeply ingrained grocery math. And, when you’re housesitting, you can’t necessarily bring everything home with you (hello, milk). Threading the needle of just the right amount of food to buy/cook without doing too much has been a struggle.

It’ll be easier at home with three people, because if we make too much, we’ll just have leftovers. But I’m too good at shopping the sales, so we already have too much food on hand, so I’m going to have to rein it in. It’ll be a work in progress for a while. But my hope is to scale things back by about half. We will see.

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