This summer, we’ve been in a fair number of other people’s houses throughout our travels and housesitting duties. One of my favorite things about that (other than seeing the people we’re visiting!) is to see how other people live. What art they choose to hang on their walls, how they set up their kitchens, and what they deem important enough to keep or make sure they have in their houses.

I like to think I’ve thought things through about the best ways to do things for me in my own home, but then I’ll see or experience something in another person’s house that is a better solution. I love when that happens! Then I can bring those ideas home with me and improve my own environment.

A few things I’ve discovered:

  • New ways to use wrist rests
  • New artists I didn’t know about
  • Ways I might enjoy having hard floors throughout a future house (instead of any wall-to-wall carpeting)
  • How big I want my future home office to be and its length/width ratio
  • What kind of seating I need to have in my house
  • That I’m no longer opposed to living somewhere that doesn’t experience four seasons (as long as it’s cool enough)
  • And the regular reminder that I have too many things and should really pare down

And those are just the ones off the top of my head.

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