Gotfryd, Bernard, photographer. Winnie the Pooh dolls. None. [Between 1970 and 1990] Photograph.

One “fun” autistic trait is the personification of inanimate objects.

It can be fun, because you can forge a pretty close bond with items, stuffed animals, fidgets, books, and countless other objects.

But it does make it very hard to get rid of things. That doll that you haven’t played with in decades, even if she wasn’t one of your special dolls? She has feelings, and the idea of her sitting in a landfill, lonely and abandoned, or even sitting on the shelf after donating her, makes you want to cry.

Or that plastic toy that someone sat on and flattened is now upset.

Or that book that someone inscribed to you has both its own feelings and the feelings of the gift giver.

Yeah. There are things that go on in the heads and emotions of autistic people that some others have no idea about and don’t comprehend. There are all kinds of heavy things we carry that are invisible to the rest of you.

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