I was going to title this “Favorite Podcasts,” but I don’t listen to a lot of them, so I knew that some really great podcasts wouldn’t make the list. I generally only listen to podcasts when I get ready in the morning and get ready for bed at night, so it’s really all I can do to stay up with the few that I follow.

The first podcast I ever listened to habitually is/was Good Job Brain, recommended by a friend of mine. It’s like going to pub trivia and hanging out with friends who know a lot of facts. Colin is my favorite, and I was sad when Dana left.

Next, I found Ben Franklin’s World, which centers around what was happening in North America (and to some extent other places in the Atlantic World) during the time of Ben Franklin’s life, and a bit on either side of it. Most episodes don’t include Ben Franklin; it’s more about the time period. But this American History lover has learned so much more than I knew before about what life was like during a lot of this time period and with different individuals and among cultures. I highly recommend it.

My favorite podcast for feeling like I’m just hanging out with other neurodivergent people, people I’d truly want to hang out with in real life, is Dear Hank and John. When I first started listening to it, I had no idea that the John Green in the podcast was the same one as the author. I’ve still never read any of John Green’s books (because of my particular form of anxiety), but that lack of knowledge that he was the same guy cracked me up. I love this podcast. I like to think I’m about 50% Hank and 50% John, but Rory thinks I skew more toward the John side. He might be right.

Those three are the only podcasts I have listened to for very long-term. Others I’ve listened to all the way through or at least a significant number of episodes are:

Some podcasts I hope to make time for one day:


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