Direct capture

I heard a piece of advice a few years ago. It was in regard to drawing and art, but it could just as easily have been in regard to writing, cooking, gardening, or any other pursuit.

It went something like this:

When you’re trying to make a finished product, if you only make one, it has to be perfect. But if you make 100, only one of those has to be perfect.

I took several things away from that.

One, just keep making. Don’t worry about any particular one being perfect. You’ll look back at your collection and there will be a few stand-outs.

Two, by making 100 instead of one, you’ll learn a lot along the way, about your style, your process, your preferences.

Three, don’t make it about the finished product. Make it about the process. Just make things with no pressure. Some of them will suck, but some won’t. And if you get one really good one out of 100, that’s all you need.

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