My mom is clearing out extras from her house and her life because it’s a good idea to do that when you’re in your 70s. Because of this, and because I’m sentimental, things are trickling into my house—some fun, some practical, and some precious.

This weekend two wooden puzzles from childhood have made their way to me. I have such fond memories of playing with these as a kid (my sister might too), as do my own kids.

They are made by Simplex, and are wood. They are both marked as having been made in Holland. The ship one is a lot of fun, but I really love the animal one.

On a whim I Googled the company and puzzles, and found this incredible website called David Bailey’s World of Tessellations. It’s a bit Web 1.0, but it’s obvious that David is my kind of nerd. Just read that first paragraph in the section on Simplex puzzles! It’s exactly how I tend to introduce things!

I’ll leave you to enjoy David’s website on your own, but I wanted to share a bit of my childhood joy with you here. If you can get your hands on any of these puzzles, they hold up well after a couple of generations of grabby kid hands. The box, less so.

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