I just learned about Spoonflower’s 12 Days of Design that they just finished. This is the third year they’ve done it, I believe, and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about it before this. And, even though the 12 days are now over, I’m going to do it anyway. No time like the present, eh?

What is this project of which I speak?

Step 1. Create an original design.

Step 2. Upload it to Spoonflower and work some magic.

Step 3. Profit.

Well, that’s how it works in my dreams.

Spoonflower is a fabric design website, though they also seem to do gift wrap and wallpaper and such as well. You can either buy fabric that others have designed, or you can create your own design and upload it, either for others to buy or for yourself to buy. I see some really gorgeous fabrics there that never in my wildest imagination could I come up with. And then I see some basic polka dots, or repeating patterns, or clip art. And I think, “I can do at least that well.” Well, I’m putting myself on the line here. I’m going to attempt the Spoonflower 12 Days of Design challenge. I’ll blog about it here, and I’ll also share my progress on Twitter, Facebook, and probably Instagram.

Heck, if I like what I come up with, I might just buy some of my own fabric designs. And, regardless, anyone out there in Internet-land can get some if you like what you see. I hear I get a cut of the profits.

So, stay tuned for the next 12-ish days* for my attempt at the Spoonflower! 12! Days! of! Design! Challenge!!!


*If I get another migraine like I had this past week, however, it may take me closer to a fortnight to complete the Challenge.