Image: Public Domain

While I was only mildly green while we were recently on a boat (my poor son got the worst of it), it made my head feel weird enough to require adjustment. And my stomach was a little off. So, while a bit miserable (but sipping hot tea and eating an almond croissant), I wrote some poetry.

Now, mind you, poetry isn’t generally my thing. So I wrote these words as they came to me. No editing, no effort at following any kind of rhythm. My favorite poetry doesn’t rhyme, anyway. But I was pleased with how these turned out, so I thought I’d start out 2017 by sharing these with the world. Enjoy. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

The black murky depths of the sea
Writhe and undulate
Entreating us to come below
To its black, deadly, murky depths

The waving swells of the sea
Slowly driving me mad
Their relentless flowing connectedness
Keeping me ever questioning
Stability’s permanence

The horizon
So flat and level
Hides the roughness of the sea
That carries us across
Its dark expanse

A calm,
Descending on the ship.
The gentle rocking a respite
From the heaving, dizzying
Gross motions of the vessel.
We hope it lasts.