OlioLooking through my Pocket list (which I’m pretty sure is up to about 1000 articles now—I save them much faster than I can read them), I’ve amassed quite the collection of disparate articles. They are mostly history oriented, but there are plenty of articles regarding pop culture, travel, education, self-improvement, writing, crafts, and more. I’m sure plenty of things that interest me would also interest some of you, my very few but dear readers, so on a semi-regular basis, dependent on how many articles I save to Pocket, I’ll share some of them here. And it will also serve as a regular reminder to me to actually read the articles.

I adore Pocket, which has functionality that has been very useful to me. I just wish it had some additional features, such as seeing what date you saved an article, but even the pricey Pocket Premium doesn’t seem to have that. Ah well. It’s still fantastic for a free product!


So, here are some things that caught my eye, in no particular order. Just don’t tell me what they say: These are articles I haven’t read yet!