Image: Stewart, Tabori and Chang

Image: Stewart, Tabori and Chang


They are such a fun craft project. You only need very small scraps of a variety of kinds of fabric, thread, and a bit of stuffing, and you have made a one-of-a-kind toy for someone. Perhaps yourself, perhaps your kids, perhaps a kid at a shelter. They can be simple, or you can make them fancy with embellishments. Regardless, they’re a fun hand sewing project for kids and adults.

You can even host a doll-making party, supplying materials for your guests’ imaginations.

Me, I prefer to follow patterns, at least mostly. Some of my favorite doll patterns come from these places.

Wee Wonderfuls – By far my favorite go-to place for doll patterns and general cute-ness. For crafty inspiration, the blog is a good place to go, and she has a book out for many of her doll and toy patterns.

Martha Stewart (but it’s not her design) – I found this fantastic traditional doll pattern, complete with clothing options, on her show one time. I’ve made the pattern a couple of times, and it’s a winner if you want more realism and less cutesy.

Black Apple Doll – Also featured on Martha’s show, I found this doll long before that. See the blog here, find the pattern here.

What creations have you made?