Exercise clothes are a little more comfortable than this these days, fortunately.

Sometimes I feel like most of my life is just maintenance.

So, I’ve been to physical therapy a bunch of times in the last five or so years, learning new exercises each time to help build and support different parts of my body. But with all of this packing and moving things to and fro around the house, my back was NOT having it, and the exercises I’d already been doing aren’t enough.

So Rory showed me the back exercises he learned at his runs of physical therapy, which taught me two things: 1. There are always more exercises to learn that address your problem body parts. And 2. I really need to build up my abs and lats.

My lower back muscles have been bearing the brunt of stabilizing my core, and my abs and lats really need to come to the party. Because my back is about ready to cry.

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