Thinking it Over by Thomas Waterman Wood

Just like with children who haven’t yet learned the patterns of language and will come up with really interesting ways of phrasing things, sometimes the best ideas can come from adults without as much formal education. There’s no substitute for a Masters degree or a PhD if one needs the information and experience that one can gain from obtaining such degrees. But it can sometimes lead to narrower paths of thinking, if one has been trained to ignore or set aside certain types of information in order to go for depth instead of breadth.

The less training and education one has, if one is still a practiced thinker, one can still possess the whole world to integrate into their ideas.

This is not to say that well-educated people can’t think outside the box and really go for breadth. But sometimes people with slightly less education can make connections that others miss, because those others have spent so much time focused on a narrower area.

Just thoughts I was having. Don’t @ me, as they say.

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