It’s faster to pick out clothes when they’re in piles on the floor, right? Right? Hello?

As long as I can remember, I’ve struggled to put my clean laundry away in my dresser. Often there is a reason for this, because I always seem to have more clothes than will fit in my dresser. I rarely get rid of anything if I can help it, so my clothing volume just increases. Nice clothes wear out enough that they’re no longer nice clothes, but they’re still serviceable for many settings. So I get new nice clothes. I try not to wear the nice clothes when nice clothes aren’t required, but inevitably, I just end up with tons of serviceable clothes and not enough room to put them. It doesn’t help that my weight fluctuates to the point where I keep about three different sizes of things around so I have clothes to wear.

But I digress. Regardless of how much room there is in my dresser or closet, I struggle to put my clean laundry away. My mom knows well that I struggled with this as a kid. I still struggle with it. And I’m 50. I have a sufficiently large dresser (a mid-1800s antique), and enough room in my closet for hanging things. If I would just keep them organized and make sure I don’t keep clothes that I don’t like.

I am working hard at wearing the things out that I care less about, but I’m not hard on my clothes, so that takes a while. So the piles on the floor in front of my dresser continue.

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