Our recent find at a local antique store. No chips or breaks! Photo: Jenny Bristol

What with plastic being a material that deteriorates and the wrong kind of plastic can actually be bad for you, and silicone lids being more common but definitely not ubiquitous, we’ve taken to keeping our eye out for old fashioned glass refrigerator dishes.

As I love American history and most things mid-century, I’ve enjoyed looking at old fashioned dishware and kitchen tools for a long time. I even have a few things, like my Bakelite-handled nut choppers and mid-century cafeteria trays, that I enjoy using very much.

But glass is a great thing to store food in, so I especially love glass food containers, especially vintage refrigerator dishes.

My first was gifted from my cousin when she moved out of the country. It’s a little square thing.

Our second is a recent find at a local antique store. It was in perfect condition and the price was right. We found more of them there as well, including a full set of these, but all of those had at least one chip. I held onto the one pristine specimen that I found with a death grip until we got to the checkout.

Sure, these food storage containers don’t seal. And they’re breakable. But you can’t beat the style or the lack of reactivity.

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