That’s me on the left now. I’m the old one.

It’s hard, getting used to having kids who are now old enough to do things on their own. I have to walk that line between being there for them when they need me, and letting them be out there in the world, having experiences and mishaps and elements of confusion. It’s especially a leap because there were some things they didn’t learn or experience growing up that kids who went to public school did, just in the normal course of their lives. So there is a lot for my kids to learn now at times, but they are better equipped to handle it.

It’s hard for me to deal with uncertainty, but I’m doing my very best to be as hands off as they want and need me to be, while still being available to them. I know this is something most parents go through and it’s an important step. But you just hope to yourself that you sufficiently prepared them.

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