Image captured from Amazon. This is the cover I chose!

We can’t help but form connections and associations with objects, places, people, or events in our lives. Sometimes this is for good, sometimes for not-so-good.

But I’ve worked hard to only create positive associations with one thing in my life: my Kindle. I got it years ago on one of those big sales where it was marked down a ridiculous amount. It’s a Kindle Paperwhite Kids, the kind designed for kids with a fun cover.

I never thought I’d get into reading on a Kindle device. I was happy using the Kindle app on my iPhone or iPad Mini for years. But my iPhone is small, and my iPad Mini is a bit heavy. Neither were ideal for long-form reading, and I love having a device that is filled with nothing but books. I want to encourage myself to read more, not less.

I started reading some books I’d been looking forward to reading on my Kindle, which established positive associations with it. But then I read a dry, boring book, and found myself scowling when looking at my Kindle device. I wanted to finish reading the book for reasons, but I noticed it was getting me to dread picking up my Kindle.

After that, I swore to only read books on it that I knew I was at least going to generally enjoy, so I could merely smile whenever I saw it or picked it up. So far, so good.

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