My memory is short.

Every year around this time, our weather turns cooler, the winds pick up, and it starts getting cool at night. All of this is because of axial tilt, of course, but the barometric changes are what I’m talking about here.

Part of my brain and my body are very, very happy that it’s finally cool enough to keep the house open 24/7 sometimes, and that I no longer get the experience of being too warm for my brain to function (past the hot flashes which still have me uncomfortable some of the time).

But I’m also more tired, sometimes dizzy or woozy, and have different sorts of brain fog because of the changing weather. I get more migraines, and sometimes just feel unwell. And, every year, I seem to forget that this happens, for some reason.

Thanks, Mr. Barometer!

But, despite all that, autumn is my favorite time of year, and I’m enjoying the cool breezes.

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