This is Percy Shelley, but it’s probably what my face looks like when I’m having a migraine. I just can’t even.

They are a little more common for me this time of year. With weather changes and me probably not drinking enough water and other changes in general, I seem to get migraines a bit more often in the fall. I’m sure the smoke from the prescribed burns and, separately, the allergens in the air aren’t helping.

But it’s really frustrating to have a plan of what you’re going to get done on a given day and you wake up and you just… can’t.

It hurts to think. It hurts to exert physical effort. It’s hard to eat the right stuff because nausea sometimes comes along with it.

I try to take it as a sign to slow down, to give myself a break and cut myself some slack. But I can’t read, it’s hard to watch stuff, and lots of other things are uncomfortable too. But just lying down and thinking about whatever isn’t restful either.

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