My favorite art is drawn by my now-adult children. I have their recent works hung up at my desk. It’s all either adorable or funny or both. I always ask for drawings for gifts because I love it so much and it doesn’t cost them anything.

But there are so many other artists online whose art I adore too. When we’ve managed to, we’ve tried to collect a piece here and there, and sometimes we get lucky and I’ll win art in a giveaway!

I finally hung some of our recently accumulated art. (Sorry for the weird angles and the glare. I did my best.)

These first two pieces are by Anna Wilson, who I discovered a few years ago randomly on Instagram. She’s a very lovely person who can write like there’s no tomorrow, use a camera to generate emotion like a professional, and illustrate scenes and children’s books with the best of them. She often draws and creates from what she observes in the world, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know Cornwall and Edinburgh through her eyes.

Next up is a linocut print by The Wonderstruck Printmaker. I won this one in a giveaway and feel very fortunate! The artist assures me that the sea creature is friendly.

Lastly, Laurie Conley makes creepy cute (don’t love the term but am not sure how else to describe it) pen and ink drawings of ghosts and other little creepies. I asked for the one in the middle for Christmas, and got the bonus art on the left and the right in the shipment. The one on the left was actually on the packaging, but, of course, it’s art, so I saved it. The frames for these are not ideal, but they’ll do for now. The two on the right I’ve left in their plastic protective sleeves. I’m sure I’ll find better frames in the future, but for now this allows me to enjoy them.

Always try to surround yourself with art you love.

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