With temps sometimes only getting into the 80s as highs now, and Halloween candy and decorations showing up in stores, I feel like I can almost, almost see autumn on the horizon. We still technically have over a month of summer, but it does help to have fewer daylight hours (a break from the relentless heat, since it cools down significantly overnight here). And schools are in session. So it’s just a matter of time before I can comfortably wear pants and we can open up the house again, at least at night. (It cools off enough at night, but there isn’t enough of a breeze to actually make any outside air come inside.)

This summer has been both easier and harder than usual. Easier in that we missed a lot of the heat, both because it took a while to get hot this year, and because we were gone for part of the season. Harder in that we had so, so much going on, and I couldn’t get into a rhythm of settling into the hot weather.

I hope autumn will be calmer. We have one significant thing going on that’s more than just a few-hour social event, other than the usual holidays. But that’s it, and I hope that remains it.

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