My town of Prescott, Arizona. It’s always been dry, but in the 20+ years I’ve lived here, it’s gotten hotter.

Anywhere you live, there are more enjoyable seasons and less enjoyable seasons. I happen to live somewhere that is really lovely most of the year, but for the Summer months (especially July and August, but now more frequently September and the last half of June), it is really hot. Not Phoenix hot, but, since Phoenix is obscenely hot, we’re just a normal, average, “oh geez, it’s so frickin’ hot out there” kind of hot. And this year it’s been worse, with more 100+ degree days than we normally have (many years we have none, I’m pretty sure).

Spring and Autumn here are just lovely, with cool nights and gorgeous days. Winter is cold enough to wear a jacket (and we do get snow every year, some years heavy snow), but there is plentiful sunshine, which is appreciated in those darker months.

But Summer here is just not my favorite. I’m looking forward to it being over.

No significant content in this post, just some complaining. At least I have the Facebook group I Hate Summer. to understand me.

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