Though I’ve mostly lived places for which summer was my least favorite season, weather-wise, there are a few things about summer I have liked historically.

I can’t say I loved having summers off from school growing up, because we had to go visit my dad, and our time there was always traumatic for me (he died this year so there’s no danger of him seeing this). So that isn’t one thing on my joy list.

There are actually very few things on my summer joy list.

I did enjoy having summers off from homeschooling, because it was a nice reset before we started again in the fall. I like how fast clothes dry when you hang them up. I like how there’s less laundry because clothes are smaller.

But the thing I love most about summer (as I said, the list is short) is summer fruit.

With the world the way it is these days, you can get just about any fruit any time of year, but it might be expensive, or picked so unripe that it just doesn’t taste like anything by the time it gets to you.

But in the summer, I drown myself in melon, strawberries, nectarines, cherries, plums, raspberries, blackberries, and whatever else is on sale at the grocery. I love love love fruit, and this is the time of year that I can eat a wide variety that’s at least semi-local, fresh, and affordable.

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