Yes, I know, it’s July. And yes, I know, I used way too many colons in the title to this post. But it’s my blog and I make the rules.

One of my significant guilty pleasures is all the romantic Christmas movies that are out there. When I started liking them, years and years ago, I’d be lucky to find a new one or two each year. (Snowglobe was a favorite.) But now they (especially Hallmark) crank them out. They are formulaic, predictable, have shallow storylines and rarely any character depth, but my mental health and autistic sensibilities love a storyline I can count on to have a happy ending. Plus I love the winter holiday season.

This month, Peacock is running a bunch of Christmas movies, and I’m there for it. I missed out on enjoying them for half the month, but hopefully I’ll make up for lost time. And then that’ll keep me satisfied until the Christmas season rolls around.

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