So, I’ve lived in northern Arizona for over 20 years now, and have always enjoyed the dry air. It allows for cool nights even in the summer, sweat evaporates easily making it easier to cool off, and everything dries faster in general. We also don’t have to worry about rain as often.

But it also means relentless sun. And in an area with few decent-sized trees, that means that if you want to do something outside, you’re likely in the sun. Which my body and skin can’t handle. There usually isn’t much shade on hikes. And yards are (at best) only partially shaded.

We’ve spent some time lately along the Pacific coast, where it’s generally humid but (most of the time) isn’t so hot. And the temperature is (generally) more even throughout the year. There are clouds (or fog) more often. I’ve been so enjoying the cooler, humid air and the cloud cover.

Now I just need to find a cool, humid place to live that’s in the budget.

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