In addition to more fun chats with our friend (this time about crochet and fiber crafts), we went into San Francisco proper, picked up some sourdough (plus a bonus loaf for the next day), and had a picnic near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Gorgeous flowers at our friend’s house.


Gorgeous flowers at our friend’s house.


Boudin, of course.


Fisherman’s Wharf area.


The Golden Gate Bridge. Rory picked a perfect picnic spot.

We did a walking tour of the Castro District.


You’d never see this in my town. It was so refreshing.


Rainbow awesomeness.


Honoring Harvey Milk.


Then we drove to the top of Twin Peaks and saw the whole city.

The view from the top.

Driving a huge (rented because reasons) car in the city was extremely stressful and really made me frazzled. But I would have been even more frazzled as a passenger.

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