My sister and I would sit around our record player when we were young in the 1970s, listening to records together. Our record player played 45s, 33s, and 78s. We had one 78 called “By Rocket to the Moon” that I remember enjoying. It was all about taking a trip to the moon.

I tracked it down a number of years ago, and it was just as I remembered.

My love of and fascination with space was secure pretty early on. I’m sure this album was a big part of it.

Much later, my Awesome Friend Alan (TM) shared with me another retro space album, this one with multiple songs. It’s called A Child’s Introduction to Outer Space and, thanks to the Internet Archive, you can listen to it yourself! Don’t miss this album, after which you’ll never forget the order of the planets again.

That later led me to discover Space Songs, an album by Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans that has a similar collection of space-related music for kids. Do not miss this one.

(They have other science-based albums for kids, too, and the Weather Songs album is another favorite of mine.)

Space Songs:

Weather Songs:

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