I don’t write about myself (just) because I like talking about myself. I mean, I do, but that’s not the point.

I do write about myself to help other people understand me, but much more than that, I do it to help them understand themselves. What I have to say won’t be helpful to everyone, and probably not even the majority of people. But there are some people who will see some of themselves in me, or me in them, and then understand themselves a bit more.

Other people have done this for me. As I read about others’ experiences, I’ve been able to piece together words to explain myself, who I am, and what I experience. This has been so helpful for me—others giving freely of themselves, putting things into words that I’ve merely felt but never verbalized. Sometimes this has been on the internet, sometimes in books, sometimes in person. But I am very grateful to everyone who shares themselves in this way.

So I’m trying to pay it forward, pass it on, share my own things I’ve learned, in the hopes that it might help others. If not to understand themselves, then to understand some other people in society a bit more.

I’m just one person, but I know that many of the things I experience inwardly and outwardly are not unique. We have so many things to learn from each other. I encourage you all to share of yourselves, when and where you feel comfortable doing so.

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