Maybe this will be me when I get older. Sitting in a chair, reading a book, because that’s all I can do. Sigh.

I know that bodies age and things go wrong as you get older, but it just feels like so much of my body has degraded or fallen apart over just the last several years. Joints and muscles especially. I’m hoping that it’s just a wave of degrading relating to perimenopause and that I won’t keep falling apart at the same rate into the future (if so, I’ll be a puddle before I’m 60).

But I’ve had three physical therapy stints (not due to injury), and now a possible pinched nerve in my neck (yay, muscle tension, I hope, and not a spine thing… we’ll see). And, no matter how many stretches I do or how much time I try to spend standing, my quads are tight and hip flexors are short. Which then makes my back hurt.

They say that growing old isn’t for the faint of heart. Can confirm.

Those of you who have reached 50 and beyond and your bodies haven’t fallen apart and you’re not in almost constant pain, what’s your secret? I’m all ears.

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