One of the silver linings of our current life-at-a-distance world, where we stay at home as much as possible, is the increase in opportunities online. Opportunities to gather together through Meetup, free con attendance complete with keynote speakers, online exhibits at museums, and free conferences and symposiums. These last ones are usually put on by people trying to sell their other products or classes, but they still offer good content in and of themselves.

I recently attended The Pigeon Letters‘s Creative Retreat, which was free to attend live, but you have to pay for after the fact. I picked out a few classes that appealed to me, and have been watching and working through them for the past couple of weeks. This edition of Marginalia is from Liz Kohler Brown‘s quick tutorial on Block Lettering, which was easier and more fun than I expected. The idea and color palette are hers, but the quote, sun rays, and actual letter formation are mine. I made some variations on her theme and had some real fun with it.

Liz is my absolute favorite Skillshare teacher. So, if you’re on there, give her a look.

Also, Peggy Dean at The Pigeon Letters is hilarious. She’s basically my inner voice but she expresses it with her mouth.