Marginalia no. 0 to post

I’m not a natural, skilled, or practiced artist. I’ve always wished I could draw better, but found it discouraging to practice. I loved art class and even took it as an elective in junior high. But somewhere along the line, I stopped really trying. Last year, I made a point to participate in Inktober, the month where you draw a new drawing every day based on a series of prompts. I liked the way many of them turned out, and I shared each day’s drawing on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Since then, I’ve kept drawing, mostly doodling on my iPad mini, but sometimes drawing on paper. It usually turns out better when I draw it on paper, but it’s much more convenient to use my stubby stylus on my iPad. And, I’ve decided to begin sharing some of what I’ve drawn with you, my small-but-adoring public. Maybe my (extremely) humble beginnings will evolve into some more skills and more sophisticated results. Or, at least, maybe they’ll inspire you to start creating. We shall see.

Marginalia will, for now, be a rag tag mix of styles that I play with as I seek to find my own favorites.

Here is the first installment. I call it “Marginalia No. 0”.