SF-BLOG-12DaysofDesign-Header-V1Ooo, this one was easy. I’d pretty much already done it. I had been sketching ideas before I did any of the other days’ tasks. I mean, you don’t start out wanting to do textile design without having some ideas in mind, do you?

BUT, I didn’t have my ideas finalized. So I spent the day’s task time working on that. Which elements would I want to include? How big do I want them? Which colors should I use for which elements? I also had to finalize my color scheme, since I’d only narrowed it down previously.

But it all came together, and I have several cute little elements to work together into a cohesive whole. Which I think happens tomorrow.

Sketches and photo: Jenny Bristol

Note: These aren’t the sketches I’m going to use for my fabric design. Sketches and photo: Jenny Bristol

Still, I found Spoonflower’s post on today’s task very interesting and helpful. I really like the idea of creating a story for your design. If I were putting these task steps in order, I’d definitely do it in a slightly different order, one that works better with my mental process. I’ll share that order at the end of the Challenge.

I also liked the idea of designing a textile pattern with a whole collection in mind, and to begin by designing the focal print of that collection. Check out the post for some other important tips.