Things to LoveI mean, c’mon. Bread. I love bread. I love bread so much. Oprah gets me.


I don’t super love most sandwich bread, but real bread… Om nom. So I’m teaching myself how to make it. I got the basics down when my mom taught me as a kid, but I haven’t done much with the knowledge. Recently, I’ve made some decent Brötchen, though I’m not sure how authentic it is in practice (it’s pretty moist and chewy, rather than crusty). I have great plans to learn how to make other kinds of bread, and to teach my son who seems to want to learn how to cook everything under the sun.

Image: Public Domain

Image: Public Domain

There are so many amazing types of bread. Germany apparently has 600 types of regular bread and something like 1200 types of pastries and rolls. I’m sure I wouldn’t want to make all of them, but that’s quite a selection. I also recently found a book called The Bread Baker’s Apprentice at the library, and I hope my son and I can work through some of the tastier looking varieties.

Yes, bread is one of my downfalls. Maybe not quite as much as chocolate, but it’s easier to eat too much bread than it is too much chocolate, at least for me. The sugar in bread (as represented by the white flour, mostly) doesn’t hit you right away, like the sugar in chocolate, even the dark chocolates. Ooo, but chocolate in bread! Even better.

I love bread. I love bread! This is the joy for me.