Jenny Bristol Renaissance Soul bigAfter my legal name change last year and then almost a year of impatience waiting for a certain web hosting company to have a serviceable product, I’ve decided to stop waiting. So here we are. All set up at InMotion Hosting.

What will you find here? I’ll be writing about many of my extensive interests, promoting my books, and as a forum for what I have to say to the world. It will be a one-stop shop for all things Jenny Bristol, if you will.

My tastes are incredibly eclectic, from the nerdy to classic literature to the arts to cultural awareness to the cute to the dark to the obscure, and I’ll cover it all. This site will generally be family friendly, though I might upon occasion put in a swear word or two, when truly called for. I will also be migrating over some of the content from my old blogs, so don’t be surprised when you see some back posts filled in.

My plan is to have five weekly series, one running each weekday, plus whatever else I want to write.

Monday: Bristol Box
Tuesday: Things to Love
Wednesday: The Liner Notes
Thursday: Olio
Friday: I’ve Got Moxie

To see what those series will contain, stay tuned! My first regular content will begin on Monday, April 4. Because 4-4-16. You know, math.