Marginalia Patreon Cover Image

Though it’s been almost two years, I think it’s time to bring Marginalia back. Since the last one I posted, I’ve taken a bunch of SkillShare classes, gotten an Apple Pencil, and survived a pandemic. I’ve also accumulated some random drawings that I’ll put out in Marginalia form. I’ve got a decent backlog now, so I hope I can stay ahead of it.

Sorry not sorry for the random content, variable quality, and lack of direction of Marginalia. But it’s most important to me to get a workflow going, one in which I don’t self-edit too much. If I question what to share, I’ll never share anything. So you get the interesting, unusual, odd, helpful, terrible, and adorable content that I create. Lucky you! I hope that by putting out quantity, patterns will emerge, ones that I can latch onto and run with. We shall see.

I hope to publish these on Mondays and Thursdays, here at my website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram (though the Instagram one will be posted manually, not scheduled).